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Un postdoc ? New York

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Nom E-mail Labo Boss Mots cl?s S?jour NY
Jean-Christophe Clement email Rutgers University, NJ   Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources July 2001-
Alexandre Guillaume email Stony Brook State University of NY James Lukens quantum computing, SQUIDs, single electron transistors Sept. 99-
Jean-Pierre Couty email CORNELL University, NYC Marvin Carl Gershengorn Signal transduction, G-protein coupled receptor, virus
Oct. 99-
Karima Djabali email Columbia, NYC     Juin 99-
Sabri Djelidi email CORNELL University, NYC Lawrence G Palmer canal potassique, ROMK, src kinase Mars 2000-
Nicolas Godinot email IFF, UnionBeach, NJ Carol Christensen industry, sensory analysis, aroma, perfums 1999-2001
Patrice Lassus email Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Long Island Yuri Lazebnik caspase, apoptose, biochemistry Fev. 99-
Eric Julien email Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Long Island Winship HERR Transcription,  virus-host cell interactions Juin 99-
Sylvie Moreau email Columbia, NYC Lorraine Symington DSBs repair, homologous recombination Janv97-Mars2001
Ferdinand Rossi email Columbia, NYC David Cobrinik pRb, p107,p130, cell cycle, chondrogenesis Janv98-
Cathy Salvat email RUTGERS the state university of New Jersey Jon Huibregtse Hect E3, proteolysis, ubiquitin, Avril99-

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